The Dornheim.Cloud

The Dornheim.Cloud is a web system without specific hardware requirements, for access and exchange from anywhere and at any time via the Internet browser (mobile device or desktop PC).

Anonymizing and sharing data is easy with this system.

The cloud system supports interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration, e.g. between specialists, nursing homes, family doctors, nutritionists and patients. This is realized via commentary, chat and video chat functions, while documents, examination data, including 3D image data such as MRI and CT, are simultaneously viewed and edited.
With the desktop client synchronization, even offline processing with your own standard software is possible.
A further advantage is the integrated timeline with quick access to all stored data.

A special highlight: the viewing of uploaded DICOM data is possible directly via the cloud in 3D.


Use Case: The Dornheim.Cloud in wound analysis

The new Dornheim.Cloud module for wound analysis is a valuable extension for wound medicine.

Possible workflow:

Quickly and easily create patient folders and fill out prefabricated examination tables.


A wound report can be generated from the entered values, examinations and uploaded images.

Draw the location of the wound in the corresponding scheme.

View medical image data from the examinations in 3D.

Annotation or marking of the wound edge is important for automatic wound analysis.


A professional exchange is made possible by the chat function and the collaborative collaboration on text documents and the like.

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