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Long Night of Science 2019


Many scientists and entrepreneurs who have enriched the programme of the Long Night of Science on 25 May with their vivid exhibitions will agree:
It is always a great experience to see that enthusiasm increases when you share it with others. Therefore, we would like to thank all those inquisitive people who (on Saturday evening) made their way to the Experimental Factory with lots of questions and curiosity. It was a pleasure for us to talk to you! Between CT and MRI demo we felt very well placed again with our Dornheim Segmenter presentation and thank the responsible persons of the ExFa for the good cooperation! Special thanks go to the organizers of the #LN8DW Team Science of the state capital Magdeburg, who give the visitors the chance to discover with the event that also in their close environment great innovations are created, where in Magdeburg new things flourish, and which professional opportunities are offered right in front of their noses. Some of our visitors have taken a look at some of our job advertisements. We are already looking forward to the applications.

Dornheim Medical Images at the Long Night of Science ("Lange Nacht der Wissemschaft Magdeburg")


Every year the Long Night of Science opens its doors and gates. This year again, many curious people followed the invitation. Many children's eyes admired the 3D pictures of the cute Lego robot WALL-E. The mixed audience was also impressed by the versatility of our software. Especially the virtual patient attracted many curious glances. He is used in anatomy teaching. We thank all visitors for their interest and look forward to next year, when we will present again many interesting features.

The countdown has started


Only a few weeks left: The jerseys are ready, our teams are training diligently and are already looking forward to the starting signal. We are ready for the company relay Magdeburg 2018!

#FutureNow- How digitization is revolutionizing our healthcare system


When fiction suddenly becomes reality, when robots appear in operating theatres and the anatomy of living humans finds its way into digitalized teaching, it is not enough to give lectures about it. That's why the Techniker Krankenkasse wanted to offer the guests of its action day on 11.12.17 in the Experimental Factory the opportunity to take a look inside the body and gain insights into the digitalisation of medicine, which was unthinkable a few years ago.

Our web segmenter, which opens new doors for viewing patient CDs and illustrates how digitization can simplify and improve the everyday lives of patients and doctors, attracted a great deal of attention.

We also had our BMWi (ZIM) sponsored VirtualAnatomy project with us. To support teaching, theory and practice merge here. The versatile concept, which was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Anatomy at Otto-von-Guericke University and the Faculty of Computer Science, has now inspired interested parties from politics and health care.

It was a great pleasure for us to share our enthusiasm for digital solutions in medical technology and to present them to a whole new audience. We thank you for your interest and wish you a Merry Christmas!

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