Fascination and safety. Detailed 3D images from your MRI, CT and 3D ultrasound data.

You receive the recordings encrypted on CD or conveniently for download, together with the new 3D visualization software Dornheim Personal Viewer. This allows you to view your data on any computer from all sides, enlarge, rotate or even remove obscuring structures.

Detailed 3D images of your body

Do you want to see detailed 3D images of your own body yourself? Your doctor needs to see more than layer data for diagnosis or surgery planning?

No matter whether MRI, CT or ultrasound data. With the patient CD 3D you get a software which makes the viewing possible. See fascinating 3D images of your body.

Be close to your baby

See the first 3D images of your baby, high-resolution and interactive from home.

For the first time, expectant parents can also experience their baby at home in 3D - for viewing from all sides, or even on the 3D TV. With features like rotate, pan and zoom, you can get to know the little sweatheart.

You need a second opinion?

As a patient, you are often overwhelmed with a diagnosis or feel left alone.

Dornheim Medical Images works exclusively with recognized and independent radiologists. These have many years of experience and a high degree of recognition and acceptance.

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